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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in buying Soundcloud services you may have some questions. Below I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help you learn about our service and questions that other people have asked us.

How to promote your music on Soundcloud?

Wanna know how to promote your music on Soundcloud? Soundcloud promotion can be done in many ways. First there is natural organic promotion which allows you to share your music yourself it also encompasses the people that find you naturally on the site and other places like search engines. It just means the traffic you get without doing anything at all. Our main goal is growing your organic base. That is the entire idea behind buying our real Soundcloud music promotion package which is a paid promotion service that will allow you to purchase plays, likes, followers, and reposts to give you an initial boost to help your statistics and to show you better on the site. Everyone needs a jump start from new artist to superstars.

How to promote a track on Soundcloud?

Wanna know how to promote a song on your Soundcloud? Whether you have one track or hundreds we can help you promote your music with the best Soundcloud promotion service. We offer four different services: plays, likes, followers, and reposts which will help you grow and get the exposure that you need. Our service is 100% guaranteed and is very fast. No one wants to look at a track that only have a few plays. We help you get over the hump. We offer a 100% money back guaranteed service.

How to get more plays on Soundcloud?

How to get more plays & listens on soundcloud? Soundcloud advertising & marketing can be tricky because there are so many marketing companies that are offering this service. Many people want to know how to get big or famous on soundcloud. The truth is you need to get more traffic so you can be discovered and become popular on soundcloud. There are a variety of ways to get this traffic to promote their song. You can get free promotion. That would include any traffic that you naturally attract or bring to your tracks. Many people will upload many tracks to get a following. Sometimes this can work but most of the time you will need some help. The truth is the better your tracks the more people that will find you. The first think they look at is the metrics of how many plays that you have. That is why we suggest you buy plays to jumpstart your tracks. This gives the impression that you are already somewhat popular. This is how to get noticed on soundcloud.

How to buy real Soundcloud plays?

Want to pay for Soundcloud plays? There are many providers that are selling cheap plays these days. That doesn’t mean that they are high quality. Your goal is to purchase or get real Soundcloud plays. Our service will let you increase your plays in a variety of amounts depending on your need. You can buy 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000 Soundcloud plays. You can divide these up between multiple tracks very easily. When you order above for each URL just specify exactly how many you want by using the following format:|1000. You can see the track URL and the number of plays that follow it. That way we can know exactly how many plays you want per track. We have a minimum order of 1000 Soundcloud plays per track. So if you order 10,000 plays you can divide that up between 10 different URL’s.

How to buy Soundcloud followers?

Wanna know how to buy Soundcloud followers or how to get more followers on Soundcloud fast? The best and fastest way is to buy real Soundcloud followers. These followers are vitally important to your success because as you release new music they will be notified via email about your newest additions. Usually that will bring more plays to your account as a whole. There are many people that sell these followers for cheap but you must be careful when you get Soundcloud followers. Many services will not replace them if they are lost. We are different we offer a 100% replacement guarantee. That means we take care of our customers and we stand behind our service. We offer multiple packages for our Soundcloud followers. You can buy 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 Soundcloud followers. If you would like to order more that that please reach out to me and I can tailor a custom package for you. Also each order can be divided up in quantities as low as 20. So if you order 100 followers you can send 20 to 5 separate URLs. You can specify your order details in the box that says “SoundCloud URL:” in this format|20 (follower amount).

How to buy real Soundcloud likes?

Want to buy soundcloud likes? Do you have any soundcloud urls that have plenty of plays but you are missing likes? You can get soundcloud likes for cheap and balance out your statistics. Buy these likes along with plays so your Url’s are natural to your audience. You can buy 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 Soundcloud likes depending on your needs. You can also divide up your order to multiple URL’s. You can do a minimum of 20 followers per URL. You can specify your order details in the box that says “SoundCloud URL:” in this format|20 (likes amount). That way of you have 20 different URLs you want to promote it can be done easily.

How to buy Soundcloud reposts?

Yes, our Soundcloud repost service or promotion is very good. This will help you share or reposts your favorite Soundcloud urls. You can buy 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 Soundcloud reposts at any given time. You can do a minimum of 20 reposts per URL. You can specify your order details in the box that says “SoundCloud URL:” in this format|20. That way you dont have to make a separate order for every URL that you want reposts for. We have designed that with you in mind to make ordering convenient for you.

Are the Soundcloud plays real?

Yes our Soundcloud plays are 100% real and we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our services. Many providers offer plays that are not real. You should always check and see what kind of refund policy they have.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud followers?

Yes it is safe to buy SoundCloud followers. We have a no drop service that means you will not lose any followers. If for some reason you do we will replace them for you.

Are the SoundCloud followers that I buy going to unfollow me?

No they will not. Since they are real followers there is always a possibility of a small percentage of leaving you. That is normal and natural and if that happens we will replace them for you.

Can I buy plays for my friends, peers or strangers?

Yes you can buy Soundcloud plays for anyone. All you need to know is there track URL and you can make an order for them. Just use the form above and fill in the details to submit your order.

Someone is buying plays for me! How can I stop it?

If someone is buying Soundcloud plays for you there is no way to stop it. You can just delete your track and then reupload it and your URL will be different. So they would have to start sending them to your new URL which is highly unlikely.

Can someone tell I bought plays?

No, they cannot tell that you purchased Soundcloud plays. They are 100% natural and real plays. They will be able to see that your plays have increased but not that you purchased them. Most likely they will think that you are growing in popularity.

Is it illegal to buy followers or plays on SoundCloud?

No, it is not against the law to buy SoundCloud followers or plays. It may be against the terms of service of SoundCloud but not against the law by any means. We are a promotional service and would never be involved in anything that is agains the law.

Why should I buy SoundCloud followers?

You should buy Soundcloud followers for several reasons. First it give you an initial base of people that will see your new uploads. Second when other people see how many followers you have you won’t look like you have zero. Do you ever follow anyone that has zero followers? No you most likely will follow pages that have thousands of followers because it lets you know that others are interesting in their music and not just you. Its just a sign of the quality of a page.

Why should I buy SoundCloud plays?

Yes, you should buy SoundCloud plays for a variety of reasons. Like above you don’t want people to think that no one has watched your tracks. You want to give the impression that your music is already popular. Many people won’t look at a track if there isn’t any plays. It gives the impression that no one wants to watch it. We know that isn’t true that is why everyone needs a little boost for their tracks. The second is the natural algorithm of Soundcloud. The more plays that you get naturally the more plays that SoundCloud will send your way naturally. So for every track it is a very good idea to send plays for a jump start.