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Why should you buy Soundcloud plays?

There are three very important reasons to buy plays. First I want you to think for a second and imagine you are looking at different tracks on Soundcloud. You are just scrolling down a list of tracks and you see a track with 150 plays. Then you keep scrolling and you see a track that has 25,000 plays. What are your thoughts? Which will you pick to listen? Of course you will pick the track with the larger number of plays. It’s human nature to like what others like and when we see a track with a good number of plays we tend to be more curious and will listen. The second reason is that Soundcloud is based on an algorithm which means that the more plays, likes, comments, and reposts you get the higher they will rank you in their results. It’s almost like a reward for getting plays on your own. They want the people that have the most plays to show up higher in the results than non popular artists.

You can try this for yourself. Just type in any keyword in Soundcloud and you will see a list of tracks, pay attention to the amount of plays they have. Most of the time they will show the tracks that have the highest metics at the top. The third reason you should purchase Soundcloud plays is that many other artists are doing this type of promotion. So if you are not doing this you will get left behind. Remember that if no one is looking at your tracks then how can you get found? You need to do what it takes to get more exposure to show up in the results and get more plays naturally. We are ready to get started. Just fill out the order form above and we will get started right away. If you have any questions for me please use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner of the page or you can visit the contact us page.

How to order with us?

Ordering on this site is so easy. Just fill out the form above and select your desired package. We have created the custom order form above so you have the option of creating multiple packages or you can select just one. Next put your links to your tracks or profile. (We do a minimum of 1,000 plays per track). Then select your payment method. After your payment we will receive your order information and get started. We start orders right away and most orders are completed within a few hours but larger orders can take 24-48 hours or more depending on what your order.